We are a communication agency that advises and accompanies its clients in the field of external communication. External communication is used to promote the company's image to its clients and to an audience that it wishes to target through various communication channels such as social networks, newsletters, press, events...


We have more than 20 years of experience in communication with advertising, the use of specialized media, the web, print communication, marketing, public relations and events.


Our agency's clients are tourism offices, local authorities and accommodation providers who wish to make themselves better known, present their activities to as many people as possible, and ultimately acquire new clients or reach a particular audience.

Our offer is available in two models. On the one hand, our standard offer, available either as individual services or packaged services, is more affordable. On the other hand, our personalized offer which consists of a tailor-made communication plan is more comprehensive.


As part of the process, we start by defining with our clients a budget either for a particular communication action or for the entire communication plan to be set up.


Then, after analyzing your needs and objectives, we propose a "communication plan". This defines and summarizes all the communication operations and actions implemented, and allows for a follow-up of the objectives to be reached, after an analysis, a reflection and the choice of the communication actions to be carried out, in consultation with the client. The aim of the communication plan is to present all the communication tools considered and applied to carry out the desired message.


Our agency is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and northern France. Regardless of the communication channel, our message is always conveyed in French and Dutch.


We are specialists in coastal tourism destinations and we currently cover 2 countries in Europe.


If you would like to join us or learn more about our activities, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our manager: info@lamaisondelamontagne.be.

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